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Annual DeKalb County Food Drive

The annual food drive benefiting the Atlanta Community Food Bank runs through February 19th. 


Barrels for food donation can be found in these places:
- Maloof Building
- Clark Harrison Building
- Employee entrance to the Judicial Tower
- Office of the Solicitor General
- Office of the Clerk of Superior Court
- Office of the Clerk of State Court
- Office of the Tax Commissioner
- All DeKalb County Public Libraries

Make a monetary donation here.

In metro Atlanta, 24% of children live in households that worry about where there next meal is going to come from. Atlanta Community Food Bank partners with organizations in DeKalb who help families in need. Encourage your church, civic association, fraternity, sorority, sports team, scouting group, PTA and others to contribute to this worthy cause.

Thanks to Commissioner Gannon’s co-sponsors: Debra DeBerry, Clerk of Superior Court; Sherry Boston, Solicitor General; Irvin Johnson, Tax Commissioner; Melanie Wilson, Clerk of State Court; and the DeKalb County Public Libraries. 

Deepdene Park Walk

Along with Eco-Addendum, we had a great walk through Deepdene Park, one of the Olmsted Linear Parks off of Ponce de Leon Avenue. This park contains an old growth forest with many native species and is an essential part of Atlanta's natural history. 

View a video of our walk here.

Statement on Bowers/Hyde Report, 10/02/2015

Dear Friends,
The Bowers Report was released this week and there are many conversations that will need to continue.  First, I need to converse with you as a listing of some of my expenses has been included.  This will also be sent to Mr. Bowers, the GBI, FBI, Attorney General and Governor.

 Full Report


 Exhibit A

 Exhibit D

 Exhibit B

 Exhibit E

 Exhibit C

 Exhibit F

Important District 6 Information

Strategic Improvements

For your reference, strategic improvements currently in progress are linked below. 

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Upcoming Events & Meetings

February 9, 2016 (9:00 am) BOC Meeting
February 11, 2016 (6:00 pm) Public Meeting on Cross Keys Redistricting