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Statement on this weekend's water main break, updated July 27

As of now, the boil water advisory has been lifted.

I would like to thank all those on Facebook, Twitter & other avenues plus my commission staff & organizations who worked with me since Friday evening to gather information & get the word out about the impact of the water main break. It was the lack of information early on that was so problematic. Despite our requests for information it was 24+ hours before our Emergency Management plan activated to fill the information gap. Thankfully this was in time for the water boil advisory. I am deeply sorry for all of the people, businesses, and events throughout much of the county that have been impacted. The BOC will most certainly inquire into the different breakdowns. Our appreciation to the Watershed Dept. struggling through the heat & mess to continually try the many fixes it took to patch the problem, for now.

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Commissioner Gannon's Statement on the Mid-Year Budget/Millage Rate Vote

Dear Friends,
Yesterday, two other commissioners and I voted NO to the mid-year budget amendments that will increase our budget (again) while providing a very small decrease in the millage rate (21.21mills to 20.81mils). While the interim CEO says we are moving forward, I would suggest that continuing to increase our budget, on your dime, is not moving forward at all but a continuation of fiscal problems in DeKalb County.


The area where the County provides city services has shrunk. There is the possibility that it could shrink again. This is not the time to spend every new penny that the county collects. Our legislative duty was to set the millage rate. The mid-year is an opportunity to correct budgets based on a better knowledge of property tax revenue and the real needs of our service providing departments. Some of the amendments in the original proposal, made weeks ago, were legitimate needs. However, on Tuesday morning at 9 AM those needs had increased an additional $6+ million to include “pork” projects designed to assure the four votes necessary for passage. So, while the county will collect more money due to the higher value in property assessments, they will spend that money as soon as it reaches our checkbook and the lower millage rate will do most of you no good because your higher home value will mean you will pay a higher property tax. I would say this is a step backwards.

Commissioners Respond to Interim CEO’s Criticism

In finally resigning his Commission Seat after 23 months as Interim Chief Executive, Lee May has made much of the resistance of “three Commissioners” of the BOC to his efforts to install a hand-picked successor to represent District Five.  As the “three Commissioners” he referred to, we think the public might benefit from a broader perspective on the issue.

Read the statement by Commissioners Gannon, Rader, and Jester here.

Legislation to Reform DeKalb Passes General Assembly

Blueprint-supported Legislation which recently passed the Georgia General Assembly. HB 597HB 598HB 599

View the latest updates on the Blueprint to Redefine DeKalb on their website:

Statement on the Ethics Board

At the DeKalb County Board of Ethics meeting on Tuesday, March 3, after hearing preliminary investigations, the Board unanimously dismissed the ethics complaint against Commissioner Kathie Gannon.
Commissioner Gannon released the following statement: 
"I passionately believe in the role of an Ethics Board in government AND the right of persons to bring matters to its attention.
However, when a person with access to government records-- without an Open Records Request-- uses that information to create a fraudulent complaint, I think it is criminal. It is distrespectful to the entire notion of ethics. It diminishes the legitimate authority of the Board of Ethics and undermines the ability of citizens to use the forum." 

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